The concept

Model FAB is a new concept of factory, 3D-Lab and development center exclusively oriented to the railway modelling and its promotion. We are located in Martorell, Barcelona, an industrial area on Llobregat’s riverside.


The name of Model FAB comes from the union of the word MODEL, FACTORY and LAB.


Due to have 3 nationally and internationally consolidated brands as MAFEN, N-TRAIN y 87TRAIN, with more than 10 years of existence and a verified success in some European countries, we have not left any of them. Quite the opposite: they are the main image of the company and a synonym for growth. Each brand is so important as the others, no priorities. Therefore our logotype shows this exactly:

Every brand is symbolized as a petal and is essential to the company life, a company watered with hope, effort and talent

3D Lab

The 3D laboratory consists in some computing devices and 3D Printers with them we test some production methods, alternatives to plastic injection.

Together with our 3D providers we have achieved models never seen before in N Scale (1/160), with a lot of details and truly scaled. This 1/160 scale is the one from we start to create, because the reduced size of the parts. After that, scaling to H0 (1:87) is not a problem most of the times, so we can focus on detailing the models deeply.


Once a model is made and tested succesfully in the 3D LAB, it goes to the Factory, where its initial production starts and the model is added to the production line, together with other products that need to be restocked. The products are stored and later they are distributed to the specialized shops along Europe. Part of the production can be considered as half-handmade because some assembling processes are still managed by humans nowadays.


Development Centre

We can produce on request small series of rolling stock and accessories. If you are interested you can use our Contact Form and we will provide a budget.

Where are we?

Avda. del Congost, 37 Nave 7  08760 Martorell, Barcelona   Tel. 93 252 92 71